Saturday, September 11, 2010

im back!!

hello followers, As some of you have read from my prior posts, that my workload was hellish and was very limited as to the time i would have to post on my blog. After a very productive week, i was able to finish all my assignments and labs for this week, and have managed to get ahead of the game with 2 labs and 1 assignment, thus giving me time to blog this entire weekend. I want to also say thanx to those that commented on the post where i explained what happened to me on my way home a few nights ago.
But back to blogging.
Today Saturday was a very productive day for me. I was qualified for federal work study, and was able to land the Librarian Aide position. Today i was able to catalog and barcode all the Corpus Juris Secundum books into the school's system, and shelved them as well. This included the re-positioning of other books which took up all 4 hours and plus an extra hour which i was authorized to work. Though i wish i could of stayed an hour more to finish up all my duties, i was not permitted to no faculty was going to be in the building. All in all my day has been a good one so far. It should get better in a few hours, because a buddy of mine is going to smoke me out to some dank. I will definitely keep followers updated with a future blog later on today.

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