Saturday, September 18, 2010

how's your Saturday going?

hello all whom are viewing my blog. so how is your Saturday going? Mine is going good so far. I had a nice productive day at work, was able to snag a free lunch, and sis bought some pizza for dinner. I will be back to re-post.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello followers.
tonight is the airing of the new ghost adventures show that comes out on travel channel. i like the concept of being locked down in a haunted dwelling, and trying to recover some type of evidence of the existence of ghosts'.
Will post more about this topic after the show.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Post!! check it out

   Hello all, I hope that your Sunday is going great! My Sunday is going swell, except for the fact that i woke up with a sore throat. I think i might be catching something, after all, my nephew who is 4 years old, was under the weather just last week. I think i might be the new host for this sickness that is causing me to cough, but other than that I am doing good.
   Last night while i was out with my buddy, the topic of the rock incident was brought up by him. He told me if i thought it was just some random act, maybe it was planned by somebody who might not like me. We settled on that it was just a random act, but the idea of some type of object for defense still stuck in my head. What I'm getting at is that since i do take a bus and walk a few block to get home at night from school, what if i ever become the victim of another random act of deviance, for example a mugging. What if some crack heads decide that i should fund their next crack hit, and want the contents of my pockets( house keys, iPod, wallet, and semester bus card.)  I'm not to big on getting a firearm, but i do want something where i can strike from about 2 feet. I have been looking at the extendable batons, and are swaying more that way towards them.
   Well blog i really would like some input from my followers, comments received will be returned by a comment to your blog and some love!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

im back!!

hello followers, As some of you have read from my prior posts, that my workload was hellish and was very limited as to the time i would have to post on my blog. After a very productive week, i was able to finish all my assignments and labs for this week, and have managed to get ahead of the game with 2 labs and 1 assignment, thus giving me time to blog this entire weekend. I want to also say thanx to those that commented on the post where i explained what happened to me on my way home a few nights ago.
But back to blogging.
Today Saturday was a very productive day for me. I was qualified for federal work study, and was able to land the Librarian Aide position. Today i was able to catalog and barcode all the Corpus Juris Secundum books into the school's system, and shelved them as well. This included the re-positioning of other books which took up all 4 hours and plus an extra hour which i was authorized to work. Though i wish i could of stayed an hour more to finish up all my duties, i was not permitted to no faculty was going to be in the building. All in all my day has been a good one so far. It should get better in a few hours, because a buddy of mine is going to smoke me out to some dank. I will definitely keep followers updated with a future blog later on today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Apologies

hello followers of my blog. As you have seen the title of this blog, i want to apologize for not posting in the last few days. I have started school once again, and i am slowly getting swamped with homework, laps, and numerous papers. At this very moment I am typing from the computer lap at school to fulfill my blogging and keep my followers satisfied with an awsome blog.

Last night as i was leaving the school's library, i missed the 9 o' clock bus, so i decided to walk to the next bus stop. I reached the bus stop and was patiently waitinfor the bus, when the devious act happened. A white mid-sized pick up was traveling south on the right hand lane, the one closest to the sidewalk, when the passenger threw a rock roughly about 4-5 inches in diameter and struck me on my right thigh near my hip. Luckily the rock didn't break anything but it did manage to make a huge bruisealong with some slight swelling. Walking hurts, but the pain lessensas i walk it off. I hope karma sends them an experience that'll make them remember when they decided to throw a rock at an innocent person just waiting for the bus.

Thank you to those few people that follow my blog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Start of a new week

Today i start a fresh term at school and im in the some Intro to computers class. the projects/labs that were assigned to class are easy to complete but i have noticed that many people have serious issues completing the labs/projects. In a way i feel bad for them because I see them struggling just to locate the start button to open M/S Word, but after all they are here to get some career training and nobody said it was going to easy and also hard for that matter. I just thought i would share with you what im experiencing this morning when i walked into class.

BTW this morning breakfast consisted of a steak, egg and cheese burrito with a tall glass of OJ and some chooped honey dew and strawberries, shit was so cash
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pet issues

yesterday at around noon my dog attacked one of my neighbors dogs and injured it pretty bad, that it had to be euthanized at the animal clinic. my neighbor comes to my house around 9 at nite and gives me the invoice and says what do i plan to do about this. the invoice as for 194 bucks and i honestly didn't want to pay the entire amount since both of our dogs were out of our yards. my parents choose to just pay the entire invoice and call it a dead issue. Honestly i would of just paid the euthanasia fee which was 84 dollars and sent her on her way. I still don't think my parents should of dished out the entire amount.

this is my dog

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dinner time!!!

ok a follow up from today's earlier post about dinner. while browsing the blogs that i follow, i came across a quick recipe for a Mc Dank. the Mc Dank consists of a McDouble and also a McChicken or spicy chicken sandwich. first bite is dedicated to everybody following this blog

stuff i ate today so far.

woke up this morning and had some leftover brownies and fudge sauce from my nieces birthday, this was pretty much a appetizer before breakfast. Breakfast consisted of some leftover chicken and some potatoes and some peppers from last night and was all mixed with some egg to make a nice chicken and veggie omelet. couple hours later i headed to mc donalds and bought the 20 piece chicken nuggets deal for 10 bucks which included 2 large drinks and 2 large fries. shit was so cash. follow up for what dinner will be

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ubuntu Beta Maverick Meercat 10.10

Ubuntu's release of 10.10beta was yesterday, and you bet your ass that i got my copy and ready to install. In this release i hope ubuntu fixed the issues about audio and the brightness Fn buttons to work on Lenovo's U350. But are people really ready for a new release. im just getting compoftable with my 10.04 and now 10.10 is knocking on my door like a pizza man. so if you're somewhat like me and kind of an ubuntu freak, install your copy and find out how it works for you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hello world!

hello everybody out there who is reading this. fisrt off thank you for visiting my blog and please continue to stop by as i will be adding content pretty often. main topics will be technology, mainly computers, tips and tricks to help you with your computer.